How Technology Is Shaping Militaries Around the World

Most of us use some sort of technology in our day-to-day lives. However, the development of technology has also helped militaries around the world to develop new means of defense. This article examines a few of the technological advances that have been especially helpful for militaries.

Drone Technology

Drones have long been part of military history. But, in contemporary warfare, they are especially useful for spying purposes. Modern drones are able to stay in the air for hours, which helps them gather considerable footage. This type of surveillance is especially useful because it doesn’t put human members of the military at risk of harm. While most military drones are operated by humans, the people operating them are able to do so from a safe location.

Cyber Security

The internet has done a lot for humankind as a whole. But, along with that comes more opportunities for adversaries to access sensitive defense data. The U.S. military has several cybersecurity protocols to protect classified information, but one of the most important is the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement. DFARS and its requirements help protect vital American military data from potential adversaries. It stipulates that any company manufacturing anything that will be used by the Department of Defense must meet cybersecurity standards.

These standards are put in place to guard classified information, and any contractor that mishandles this information will likely see its contract revoked. If classified information is mishandled, it’s much more likely to get into the hands of enemies, which can compromise the safety of every citizen.

Augmented Reality Headsets

This innovation may sound like something out of a video game, but it’s a technology that the military is currently training with and will soon be able to use in combat. Augmented reality headsets have night-vision capabilities to help troops navigate combat zones. They also will be able to include built-in target systems and compasses, both of which are placed into the user’s visual field. These headsets look a lot like virtual reality headsets, and they can help soldiers orient themselves and protect themselves from harm.

In conclusion, the fast pace of technological innovation has a significant impact on almost every sphere of life, including military operations. The above are only three of the many tech innovations that have helped the military protect citizens and soldiers. Countless other developments are in the works that will reshape the ways that militaries operate.

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