How to Keep Track of Your Health Goals

As the new year is about to start, you may be thinking more and more about fitness goals. When it comes to setting new fitness goals, it can be a challenge to not only set your goals but to decide on an efficient way to keep track of them. There are multiple little things you can do to make tracking your goals easier.

Start a Journal

One of the first things you can do to better keep track of your health goals is to start keeping a journal. Keeping a journal about the ups and downs of your health journey will not only give you a record of a meaningful journey working towards accomplishing a goal, but it will also help you figure out how your body responds to different exercises, diets, or specific foods.

For example, recording how you feel after eating certain meals can help you figure out if that meal pattern makes you feel sufficiently full throughout the day or if it causes you to feel bloated.

Smart Devices

Wearable devices can provide critical data to patients and healthcare providers. These can include functions on an Apple watch that allows you to track your steps to a FitBit that also allows you to track your sleep.

Using smart devices like these can be especially beneficial to have consistent data that is easily viewed and gauged. Smart devices can also be incredibly motivating for some with their health goals. Depending on the type of goal you’re setting, getting a smart device could make a big difference in giving you the necessary tools to accomplish that goal.

Record Metrics Every Day at the Same Time

One of the most important ways you can ensure that you are able to track your goals is by recording relevant metrics every day. Whether you choose to measure your progress in lost pounds, lost inches, miles ran, or even calories consumed, building a habit of recording your measurements every day will help you have a more accurate gauge on your progress.

Even though it can be intimidating at first to be measuring yourself and your goals every day, it will help you to get to know your body and your tendencies better which will help you tailor your goals.

Tracking your fitness goals can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Starting small with some lifestyle changes can make it easier to measure your progress.

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