The Importance of Managing Your Blood Sugar and How it Can Affect Your Organs

Every minute your blood glucose level is above 140 mg/dL, it does damage to your nerves and organs. It’s hard to eat healthily and pass on the sweets, especially when society has made junk food ubiquitous. Still, it’s essential to protect your eyes and kidneys because having diabetes is serious business.


According to Murphy Eye, diabetes can affect your eyes and cause diabetic eye disease. The most important thing you can do to prevent eye problems is to have tight control of your blood sugar as well as maintain a healthy diet. Your eyesight is vital, and when your glucose levels are too high, fluids build up inside the eye. The high level of the fluid increases pressure, which can cause blurry vision. It’s usually a temporary condition that subsides when sugar levels return to the normal range. Diabetic retinopathy is also another concern. If you develop this condition, your vision could be severely impaired. Abnormal levels of glucose for extended periods cause the blood vessels to bulge, weaken and leak. The leaking builds up in and around the retina, causing vision disturbances and eventually blindness. Your eyes need stable sugar levels to work correctly.


The blood vessels in your kidneys are also affected by diabetes, according to Highland Medical P.C. When this damage occurs, the kidneys are unable to cleanse your system properly. You will notice swelling in your ankles, and you may also have weight gain. The reason behind the swelling is that you are retaining both water and salt. Your kidneys flush waste from your system, but if they are not functioning properly, they cannot fully cleanse the body. The biggest problem that people with kidney disease from diabetes observe is the inability to empty their bladder. When the bladder is full for more extended periods, it injures the kidneys. Additionally, if you are not emptying your bladder regularly, any urine left sitting will grow bacteria. The high sugar is a breeding ground for urinary tract infections.

The Importance of a Healthy Diet

If you take medication or insulin to help control your diabetes, that doesn’t permit you to eat whatever you want. A healthy diet is essential to managing this serious medical condition. Through this means, many people can control the problem without the intervention of medication. Avoid carbohydrate-laden foods and those that will pack on the pounds. Obesity is the primary cause of diabetes.

Diabetes is a manageable condition that requires daily monitoring and a healthy diet. You can live for many years with this medical issue as long as you are under a doctor’s care. However, if you don’t manage your condition, it can quickly destroy vital organs and leave you with significant medical complications.

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