3 Technologies That Are Keeping Businesses Safe

In many business districts, there are risks that impact people who own retail stores, hotels, and warehouses. However, thanks to new technologies, the process of preventing criminal acts is now easier. Some systems can drive intruders away, and others will send out an alert the moment a designated perimeter is breached. If you want to keep your business safe using the latest solutions, there are three technologies to consider.

Smart Tech

Smart technology is compatible with many devices and the latest operating systems. When you take advantage of smart technology, you can keep an eye on your business with ease and on the go. For example, by launching an app on your smartphone, you can scan a property to make sure that everything is as it should be at your business. You could also deter intruders using an app by remotely turning the lights on and off in the building at strategic times.

Smart Signal technology is expected to become available in the near future, and it will give busy employees who work long hours peace of mind. This system is programmed and synced with monitoring stations that are used by reputable security companies, so businesses that use Smart Signal services will experience fast response times during emergencies.

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Integration of Video Surveillance and Access Control

If possible, you should integrate video surveillance with access control systems. The goal is to make it easy and effective for an operator to verify that someone attempting to enter a location is properly authorized. This is not limited to physical locations, as integration can also be used to monitor networks and systems, such as IT personnel verifying that an employee attempting to log into a network is authorized to do so.

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Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are great defensive solutions that keep intruders off commercial properties. The technology that powers motion detectors doesn’t waste energy as it only lights up a property when someone walks by a sensor and triggers the light. If you invest in motion detectors, set them up in your building along with an alarm system. This security setup is very effective because the light and alarm will startle an intruder. You should configure the equipment near your cash register and safe.

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These are just some of the technologies that are keeping businesses safe. If you’re going to implement any of these solutions, you should run system tests regularly so that you know what to expect if there’s an emergency or break-in.

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