Biggest Mistakes People Make With Electronics

In this age of advanced technology, almost all of our modern conveniences and entertainment options are electronic. This abundance of electronics also means there are a lot of opportunities for electronics to become damaged. Below, you will find a list of the biggest mistakes people make with electronics and how to avoid them.

Not Giving Them Room to Breathe

Electronics tend to produce a lot of heat. It can be a crucial mistake to not allow your electronics to vent the heat that they produce. Electronics require proper ventilation to remain operational. Failure to give your electronics room to cool off will cause damage because internal components can melt from excessive amounts of heat. “Give your equipment a little breathing room. Make sure there is ample of space around your devices – about 2-3 inches, and make sure the vents are clear and that there are no loose items that could obstruct airflow around your electronic devices.” Letting your electronics cool off can be as easy as elevating them above a flat surface, turning a fan on them to cool them down and not placing other objects around them. (source)

Not Cleaning Your Electronics

Be sure to keep your electronics clean and dusted off. “Cleaning is an important part of storing just about anything. Our electronics—especially the ones we use on a daily basis—gather a lot of dust and debris. Show your electronics some love by cleaning them before putting them into storage. Always consult with the manual for tips, and be sure to power electronics down before cleaning them. Usually, a damp microfiber cloth, a dry microfiber cloth and some canned air will do wonders on almost any electronic device.” Not only will it be nice to unpack a clean device when you remove it from storage, it will prevent the dirt and grime from becoming more permanent as it sits unused. (source)

Drinking Around Them

We’re all guilty of enjoying a cup of coffee or a canned beverage while nestled comfortably in front of our laptops or holding our smartphones. While this is a relaxing and enjoyable way to indulge in your entertainment, it can spell disaster for your electronics. Refraining from drinking around your electronics will help to extend their life.

Beverages aren’t the only things you should refrain from using around your electronics. Food, fingernail polish, and other viscous or liquid substances pose serious threats to the longevity and functionality of your electronics. If you’re entirely set on eating and drinking around your electronics, consider using special containers that can be closed or sealed to prevent accidental spills.

Leaving Them Plugged in During a Storm

While storms may not intimidate you, their ability to damage your electronics should certainly cause some concern. Storms can produce lightning, which contains strong electrical currents. If lightning strikes your home, the current will run through the wiring in your home and reach into all of the electronics that are plugged into the wall. This can lead to damage and house fires. “The best rule of thumb though, if there is time, is to unplug your computer and all electrical household appliances and cords from outlets during a storm. Also, avoid use or contact with any electronic equipment, electrical appliances, or electrical cords during a storm.” (source)

No matter how careful you are with your electronics, damages and losses can still occur. To save yourself money in the future, consider purchasing protection and replacement plans for all of your expensive electronics.

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