Why You Should Learn How to Fix Your Own Computer

Computers and the ever-changing technology behind them have become a feature of modern-day life that most of us take for granted. We generally have a good understanding of basic computer functions and how to navigate our way through common programs, but when an issue arises that throws off a computer system, the problem could be insurmountable for most — or so it seems.

While the tendency is to believe that computer repair is best left to professionals, the fact is that you likely have the ability to fix your own PC or Mac computer yourself with some basic knowledge and education. Attempting to resolve the problems on your own computer first is preferable for several reasons:

1. You’ll save money

On average, computer repair shops charge anywhere from $40 to $80 an hour — a fee that can quickly amount to a rather steep bill, depending on the complexity of the problem. By taking the time and effort to learn a few things yourself, you can keep potentially hundreds of dollars in your pocket.

2. Your computer will be up and running faster

Resolving the problem yourself means that you don’t have to wait for a repair shop to diagnose and fix the problem, a process that may take several days. This is especially important for business people and students, who most likely have some important deadlines to meet. It’s also common for students to take courses online, which makes your computer vital to attending class. The same goes for employees who work remotely. Regardless of how you use your computer, it can be devastating for it to stop working, which is why it’s helpful to know how to troubleshoot problems yourself.

3. You’re probably more knowledgeable than you realize

Like anything else, most computer repairs are a matter of following a set of step by step instructions. If you have a decent functioning knowledge of computers and can follow a tutorial or instruction guide, you’re likely qualified to fix your own computer.

There are several repair courses offered by Mac or PC repair stores that will help you if you need low-cost or immediate repairs, but you can also acquire a good, functional education about computer repair online. Both Microsoft and Apple offer many tutorials that walk a user through a myriad of problems, as well as numerous online forums where users can share advice. If you’d rather have a good book in your hands, titles such as Troubleshooting and Maintaining Your PC All-in-One For Dummies by Dan Gookin are also an option to help you acquire a decent computer repair education.

In the ever-changing world of technology, learning how to recognize and repair some of the most common computer fixes yourself is nothing less than a valuable education. While the challenge of fixing your own computer may seem daunting at first, chances are it may not be as troublesome or intimidating as you think. If you need anymore tech tips or news, be sure to check out them out here.



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