Tips for Smart Technology Use in a Tech-Centered World

Our world is becoming increasingly centered around technology. While this has a wide range of benefits from increased connectivity with family and friends to easy access to information, there are some dangers associated with this rise in technology use. Here are three areas where technology can have potentially negative effects and tips to combat these dangers.

Social Media

Social media allows us to be connected to our family and friends no matter the physical distance. However, what goes online will always stay online and has the potential to be found even by people you haven’t shared it with directly. According to Khonsari Law Group, it’s important to be careful what you post on social media (especially details of your life or certain photos) since this can cause serious problems if you’re not careful. More and more employers are looking at an applicant’s social media profiles to determine whether they will be a good fit for the position, so it is vital to avoid posting anything that may be perceived as a red flag.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are always with us, making them an extremely convenient way to access the internet, productivity tools, and stay in contact with others. There are a few dangers that arise from their use, however. Cell phones pose a unique danger when driving. Texting, scrolling through social media, and even using them to stream music to the car can all distract a driver and increase the risk of a traffic collision. There are many apps available that will automatically prevent cell phone use when driving to decrease distractions. According to Brigham Health, cell phones have also been shown to affect sleep quality as they emit blue light that interferes with the body’s ability to maintain circadian rhythms. There are also apps designed to decrease blue light later in the day and minimize this negative effect.

Good Posture

The amount of time people spend each day using technology has increased over the past few years. With this increase in time, it is important to ensure that proper posture is maintained to prevent health effects. According to SpineOne, a growing number of people are experiencing pain in their shoulders and neck related to cell phone use. Especially in teenagers, increased use of cell phones with bad posture has been linked with early-onset arthritis. Neck pain can also arise from improper posture when using laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and other forms of technology. To combat this problem, take frequent breaks from technology use. Keeping screens within the natural line of sight is also key.

Ultimately, technology has been the catalyst to dramatic positive improvements in science, healthcare, engineering, and more. To maximize their positive benefits, the dangers of technology should be kept in mind and action should be taken to minimize these risks.

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