5 Essential Software Tools for a More Efficient Workflow

Laptop computers and mobile phones have made it easier than ever to work from anywhere. While this may be a great boon to our personal freedoms, it can make keeping everyone on the same page at the office more of a challenge. Did you know that according to theEMPLOYEEapp, 80% of the global workforce – 2.4 billion people – is made up of deskless workers who don’t have their company’s “[INSERT NAME].com” email address, and that communicating with employees is becoming one of the major challenges on the modern deskless work environment? Thankfully, there is a wide range of software available that can help keep a more mobile workforce organized and efficient. Here are five essential software programs to help keep things moving smoothly and efficiently at the office.


Slack is a mobile communication app and platform that can make project management a breeze. Through Slack, you can share files, create separate chats, and even create different channels for different projects.

Teem Conference Room Management

In today’s open offices, conference rooms have become an increasingly high demand. Many offices offer a number of different sized conference rooms as well as many smaller “break-out” rooms. With Teem Conference Room Management, managing your conference room space is a breeze. Users can log in, see what’s available and quickly reserve a room in the next few minutes or a month down the road.


Synching calendars, sharing files and sorting email are just a few of the features offered by G Suite that can help busy offices manage their workflow smoothly and efficiently. From the smallest offices to the largest, G-Suite provides a full range of products to help keep everyone on the same track and moving in the same direction.

Symantec Norton Security Premium

No matter what kind of business you run, you have something of value that needs to be protected: data. Whether it is data on your own infrastructure or personal information about your clients and consumers, a data breach can be catastrophic for many businesses. In addition to data breaches, you also need to protect your company from viruses and malware. The Symantec Norton Security Premium suite offers robust protection for all of your digital security needs.


What may have started out as a program for businesses that actually had a product to sell, Salesforce has become a completely customizable program that can meet the needs of a wide range of businesses. From accounts receivable to project management, Salesforce has become the go-to program to keep entire companies all on the same page.


In the digital age, software has become an absolutely indispensable tool for doing business. Making sure you have the right software, however, can mean the difference between a business that thrives and a business that flounders. Make sure you have all the tools you need to make your business a stellar success.


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