Why Growing Technology Requires A Growing Pool Of Experts

It is relatively unimaginable to think of Tom Watson (IBM), Steve Jobs (Apple) and Bill Gates (Microsoft) proclaiming that they decided to stop growing anything because they have learned all there is to learn about technology or because the industry is stagnant. We want more from what we have, which leads to today and tomorrow’s innovation and competition. American consumer demands and options have advanced society from cell phones to smartphones and even to smart homes.

Experts Help Consumers

Expert-heavy technology empires are being founded and working hard to imagine, create, test, establish, improve and distribute new options that elevate the pursuits of those committed to using a desktop, laptop, tablet or cloud computer to support components of a chosen lifestyle. Expert assistance is available to consumers whether they want to receive advice and solutions provided on the telephone, online, at home or within a retail outlet. Experts help us decide which computer we wish to purchase and why. In the end, ideally, experts have had a positive effect on our activities such as homework, learning, banking and money management, scheduling and time management, socialization and other communications that may even include Skype consultations with a physician.

Experts Help Businesses.

When a technology expert helps a business to establish profitable or efficient procedures and routines, then positive results emerge in a number of areas. Those areas may include sales and marketing for new business development, solicitation of customer feedback to strengthen brand loyalty or effective project team building and management, as well as better outcomes for employee recruiting or evaluation. In fact, insightful experts also can create opportunities for team members to work remotely, leading to the win-win of happier employees receiving higher pay from monies saved on office rent — a favorable domino effect allowing vendors and others in the supply chain to enjoy similar results. The cost of a computer repair diagnostic alone is about 70 dollars. But before we spend one dollar, we identify whether the expert advice can lead to other discounted purchases.

Businesses and consumers are unlikely to settle for “man versus machine”-type scenarios that end with the machine as the winner. As the machine grows smarter, so must the person who created it. He or she will continue to educate and replicate businesses and consumers that take advantage of intellectual properties as they continue to improve and demand their advancement.


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