The Best Technological Advancements Making Their Way into the Auto Industry

Technological innovations over the best few years have exploded. The introduction of the electric car has provided a much-needed push for innovation all across the automotive industry. Although these innovations are mostly seen from startups, even some of the more established auto companies are getting into the craze. So, what kind of technology can you see within your car in the next few years? Here is a detailed list of some top predictions. 

Active Window Displays

RICOH reports that one of the most exciting technologies soon to be making its way into our vehicles is head-up display technology, or HUD for short. Although this concept has been implemented within cars before, it has never been anything to get too excited about. Think about this; you’re driving down an unfamiliar road in a city you’ve never been to before. HUD technology can easily project a crystal clear image against your windshield that shows you exactly where to turn using a bird’s-eye perspective. 

Driverless Cars

As you might have expected, driverless cars or autonomous cars are no doubt making the list. Self-driving cars are quickly becoming a reality, with companies such as Tesla and Google already racing to be the first to introduce this concept to the public. According to Dolman Law Group, a driverless car, also known as a robotic car, autonomous car or self-driving car, is a motor vehicle that has been outfitted with a computer system and sensor technologies, such as radar, Lidar, sonar, GPS, odometry and inertial measurement units that send information about the road and surroundings of the vehicle to a computer in the car that calculates the safe path to drive and sends inputs to the engines, brakes, steering, etc.

All Electric Fuel

Green Car Reports says that the move from traditional gasoline to all-electric fuel is underway. Although the goal of producing a car that runs entirely on electricity is a few years away, we can already see that the demand for it is there. In 2016, consumers from all over the world purchased over 2 million electric vehicles. This has no doubt spurred automotive companies such as Tesla to find a promising solution to this concept. 

The technological advancements that people have been dreaming about are quickly becoming a reality. Through time, effort, and dedication, new and established companies are suddenly seeing the importance of working and implementing these features into their future models.

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