How to Prepare for a Summer Family Beach Trip

Preparing for a beach trip is fun and exciting but it can also be stressful. The more family members you’re bringing, the more this stress can seem to amplify. But following some of these simple tips can make a world of difference in the success of your beach vacation. 

Create Your Supply Checklist

Having a supply checklist is essential when you’re preparing for a family beach trip. Don’t forget to bring things like sunscreen, towels, goggles, sand toys, and a book. You may also want to bring camping or beach chairs to relax in.

Writing down the different items you plan to bring will definitely help you when you’re packing up for the beach and when you’re packing up to return to your hotel. 

Ensure Water Safety

It’s also essential that you prepare your children for the beach and typical water safety procedures. If you have younger children, make sure they understand that they have to stay within sight of their parents. You should also teach them about how waves work and try to help them refresh their swimming skills before the trip. You can help your children build life-saving skills with swimming lessons. 

Make sure your older children who can swim understand the importance of following lifeguards, staying within the bounds of the buoys, and knowing how to approach waves. It’s easy for children to get sucked under waves and panic so make sure they understand what to do if they get knocked over. 

Bring the Right Equipment

In addition to making sure your children are prepared to play in the water, you should also make sure that you bring the right equipment to really enjoy prolonged time spent at the beach. Namely, try and bring some form of umbrella. Or, plan to potentially rent one while there. You might think that you’ll want to tan the whole time in direct sunlight but having an umbrella to provide shade every now and then can make a world of difference when you’re spending hours at the beach. 

You may also consider bringing a tarp that can be anchored into the sand or other sand repellant towels. 

As you prepare for your beach vacation, remember that your preparation doesn’t have to be perfect for the trip to still go well. Do your best to bring fun toys and to prepare your kids but know that being at the beach is intrinsically fun. Your family will have a fun time if you guys all go with the right mindset.

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