How COVID-19 Has Accelerated Trends in Key Industries

COVID-19 has hit the world, impacting industries across the board. But some industries have actually had a positive impact because of COVID-19. Industries have had to adapt to the hard situation they were given with the pandemic and some industries have boomed, with trends that are going to guide the world into the future.

Health Care

Health care has been completely revolutionized by telemedicine. Telemedicine enables doctors and patients to communicate with each other, without requiring a trip to the doctor’s office. For branches of medicine like psychiatry, telemedicine has enabled doctors to continue their work much like normal. Instead of seeing their patients in person, they counsel with them over the phone or through a video call. In the future, we may see an increased use in telemedicine, only sending individuals to the doctor’s office for in-person operations and physical exams that cannot be conducted virtually.

Travel and Tourism

One of the hardest hit industries during this pandemic is tourism. Instead of traveling the world, or even just to another state, people are staying home. The lack of travel has impacted this industry hard, with the loss of jobs and loss of income. But there have been some adaptations that show hope for the recovery of the tourism industry and have provided relief from the monotony of social isolation to those stuck at home. Virtual services like Airbnb Experiences are helping the tourism industry diversify. Instead of just providing a place to stay, Airbnb Experiences offers virtual classes where people can experience new things, such as cooking new foods, meeting new creatures, and exploring new cities, all from the comfort of their living room. Virtual tours and other services may be implemented into regular touring when the pandemic ends.


E-commerce has boomed because of COVID-19. People have purchased nearly everything online instead of going to stores to buy things in-person. Many brick and mortar stores are now also offering deliveries so people don’t have to come to shop in-person during the pandemic. E-commerce will likely continue to boom after the COVID-19 pandemic as people continue to rely on the internet to purchase needed goods.

The pandemic has affected the world as well as major industries. While it may take a while before things return to a sense of normalcy, certain industries may be changed forever. Telemedicine, e-commerce, and virtual tours may be the way of the future.

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